10 Frugal Tips: How to be Ridiculously Cheap

Don’t Order Cheese This has to be my most ridiculous yet.


Do you have hard water stains? A .25 cents pack of lemonade kool-aid will do the trick. Pour a pack of kool-aid in an empty dishwasher and watch those hard water stains disappear. You can also use Tang, but kool-aid is cheaper. Also you can take this same pack, make a paste and scrub your bathtub clean!

Use Your Used Dryer Sheets to scrub your tub. The fabric softener helps take away soap scum. Cut the sheets in half before you use them, your clothes are just as soft and you go twice as long in between purchases.

Don’t Order Cheese This has to be my most ridiculous yet. Cheese at a fast food restaraunt is at least .40 extra. Skip the cheese, justify this frugality by saying you’re saving the calories. Just think if you ate at a fast food restaraunt every day and saved on the cheese, you’d save $12 a month! That’s $144 a year!

Use Baby Oil Instead of hot oil treatments. Put your oil bottle in a cup or bowl of hot water for a few minutes. 2 teaspoons of this works just as good as an expensive hot oil treatment.

Detoxing? Forget those expensive foot pads that are completely disgusting. Put 1/4 c of apple cider vinegar in your bathtub water. It draws all the toxins out of your skin. Just a fair warning, detoxing can give you the chills and this should be done on a weekend because the vinegar , well it smells like vinegar!

Want a Day at the Spa? Fill a tub full of water, 1 can evaporated milk, 2 capfuls of vanilla. Now take a bowl and add 2 Tablespoons of cocoa and 2 Tablespoons of Honey. Put in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Caution this will be hot, test it before you put it on your skin, you can get seriously burned. Mix the cocoa and honey until it incorporates, it may take a while, brush it on your face, neck, and chest and get in the tub. It is like a soft mud mask and a milk bath at once, it is wonderful and all the ingredients are in your cabinet already! Now, Use your dryer sheets and the vinegar you already have by your tub for detoxing to clean up all the chocolate!

Ever Notice how much gas is left in the hose when you stop pumping? Once you stop pumping, be sure you lift the hose and let it all drain into the tank. Sure its menial; but afterall, you’ve paid for it, and you get the extra from the person before!

Buy a picnick basket Keep a picnick basket in your car full of snacks and If you plan ahead, pack a cooler full of cool drinks. Gas station visits for a family of four can run up to twelve and fifteen dollars a pop. You can save hundreds a year.

Make your own iced latte. Sometimes in the afternoon, I need a pick me up but I’m not in the mood for hot coffee. I take the left over coffee from that morning, add evaporated milk, ice, and one splenda and I’m in starbucks city, and it cost me fractions of what I would spend otherwise.

My Last Tip for being cheap is pay with cash.  You will spend less because you can visualize just how much you have left. This is one of the cheapest and most important tips I know.

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