20 Tips on How to Succeed on Your Path to Financial Freedom

Be a powerful force in your own life and know that only you have the key to financial freedom.


We each struggle, through good and bad times, on how to stay afloat with our finances from knowing what to do with money when we have it, to trying to find it when we don’t. Here are some tips on what we can do to make sure we succeed. Some of these tips are similar in thought but are important to say out loud to yourself, even if underneath they have the same meaning.

  1. Declare to have a clear direction- Declare that you will follow a certain path of success and stick to it.
  2. Keep a strong will- A strong will is crucial to following that direction.
  3. Keep self-control and discipline- Along with your strong will, keep self-control in your spending and discipline yourself to follow your path.
  4. Keep a positive outlook- With a positive outlook on life, you are sure to succeed. If you do not it won’t make a difference because you’ll still be happy.
  5. Declare that what you put your hands on will succeed- Declare that you will succeed, never give up and your deeds will prosper.
  6. Reprogram your way of thinking- Sometimes we need to “reboot” our brains and begin thinking another way. If we have been a spender, we must reprogram to be a saver and if we are negative, we must reprogram to be positive and strong willed.
  7. Discover the power of your words- Saying declarations of success out loud can unleash a power inside you never knew you had. It can also help others to realize your potential and hands will reach out to you to help you succeed.
  8. Sit Still- Sometimes the best financial plan is to do nothing at all. When you are torn on a financial decision, simply do nothing and the answer will eventually reveal itself to you by necessity or circumstance.
  9. Be happy with what you can control- If your finances have gotten so out of whack that you feel despair, be happy with the things you can control and focus on them first. Leave what is out of your hands out of your hands and you will find your way.
  10. You cannot receive if your hand is closed- Even in the roughest financial times, finding ways to give to others will open doors for you to receive. There is always ways to give, even if it is by helping someone. Not all giving must be fiscal. Kind words and actions will allow good things to happen.
  11. Enlarge your vision- Along with a powerful way of thinking, if you enlarge your vision to include future goals and reach for those goals, your path may lead you to the larger picture.
  12. Choose to be happy- Along with positive thinking, being a happy person makes financial troubles seem menial. Focus on the important things of life like family and friends and be happy about them. If someone else is prospering, be happy for them.
  13. Give thanks to what you accomplish- Thanking others that have helped you find your way can lift their spirits and your own. If no one has helped you, be thankful that you did it on your own, you have had accomplishments, no matter how big or small.
  14. Prepare for the unexpected- When times are good you must prepare for the unexpected by saving and planning. When times are bad, prepare for worse times and prepare for better times. Don’t let any change in your finances be a shock to your psyche.
  15. Organize your thoughts- Being organized  is a very important step in seeing it through. Starting with smaller goals and working your way to the bigger ones or shooting for the moon in the first place, know where you are going and organize how you will get there.
  16. Realize you are either coming or going from a storm- In life there are two realizations. We are either coming from a storm or going to one. Once you are out of a storm, you are headed towards another one eventually. The realization of this helps you better prepare for the future.
  17. Do not worry- This is easier said than, done but worrying about the troubles that are at hand can put a stand still to pulling yourself out of the muck. Just declare to yourself that you will find your way back to the top.
  18. Do not be afraid to ask for help- When you are really struggling and you feel you are at your wits end, don’t be afraid to reach for a hand. Go to your church, your friends and family, or to the government. If you are ashamed to ask for hand outs, as for advice. Many times you will find help where you least expect it.
  19. Be educated- When faced with a challenge, educate yourself on your choices. Go to the library, look for free classes, whatever you need to do to make a sound decision is worth the extra time.
  20. Praise your successes- When you have successes, it is OK to give yourself praise for your choices. Good choices help you change your thought process to positive and a healthy self esteem will help you have a healthy plan.

Take these tips and declare them outloud. Write down your goals and know that you will succeed. It may not mean that you will ever be rich; the success lies within your happiness. Be a powerful force in your own life and know that only you have the key to financial freedom.

Some ideas were taken from Joel Osteen’s “Your Best Life Now”. To read more you can go to www.joelosteen.com

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