get paid to shop!

We all know that cash is best, but if you must shop online, only shop sites with coupons. Coupons are all over the Internet. If you Google “coupons”, you can get  up to 213 Million results with some of the most used coupon sites for groceries and online deals in the top ten; remember,  most used does not always mean best deals.  Do your research first and always read reviews. One of the most impressive coupon sites for online shopping has got to be

Couponchief offers several incentive programs to use their site including coupon commissions and charity programs. If you click the “How it works” link at the top of the home page, there is a short video that will show you exactly how to use the coupons on the site. There is no charge for the service, a free account is not even required to use the program; but is required if you are going to use the “pays-2-share” program, and why wouldn’t you! You can upload coupons you find and couponchief will PAY YOU 2% commission on any purchases used with your coupon, and it is connected to a Paypal account or you can opt for a paper check.  With 213 million sites to browse through to find coupons to post, you could make some extra money easily. The greatest thing is, your purchases count towards your commission, so it is like getting rebates on your already discounted purchases. Just be sure to look through the list of qualifying retailers or look for the little yellow cents icon in the corner. You can also add a widget to your own page to earn extra commission from them.

One of the most impressive features of couponchief is the “coupons-4-causes” feature.  You can search their list of causes they support and choose your favorite, or email them to add your favorite. Couponchief is paid commission by the stores linked to their site, couponchief donates 50% of the commission to those causes. Be sure you read the full terms and conditions of the donations, or you may be left wondering if money is really going to your cause because they only send the charity a check once the balance reaches $50 or more. You should always help out charities, know that a closed fist can receive nothing in return, but an open hand can receive just as it gives. Apparently, the people at this site know that too.

Be sure to leave your feedback on the pull out tab if you have a question or idea. Read the terms and conditions or the FAQ’s, they are very helpful with your questions and are written in layman’s English so they are easy to follow if you are going to try to get paid by them. Add their blog to your RSS feeds for the newest and greatest deals, The best part about is the coupons themselves! Some of the best on-line stores are available and there are thousands of coupons to browse through. You can read any reviews of the coupons below each coupon so that you know if that coupon is going to work or not.

Remember that if you must shop online,  never, ever shop without a coupon. Do you homework before you purchase and if you can find a better deal on another website, and they are trustworthy, use them! Read the reviews, and if you can get paid to shop from a legitimate site, do it! While researching, check out couponchief, they’re worth a look.