E-Mealz – A Mom’s Dream Come True

I have recently used a service out of Alabama called E-Mealz. This service is a lifesaver. With your payment plan, you get a menu full of dinners for the week for a family up to four based on the sales paper at your store.

Since using E-Mealz, my grocery budget went from around $300 every two weeks, to $80-$90 once a week, and sometimes less. I have been able to save up to $120 on my grocery budget, per paycheck. I don’t have to make a grocery list out, unless I need staples or a few extra things, and I don’t have to plan dinner.

For example, I use the Kroger food chain. I purchased the three months 4 person family plan for Kroger for $15.00. Each week I can click on the previous week’s menu and this week’s menu. I print out my menu, complete with recipes and cooking directions, and my shopping list. From the list I can highlight what items I need to buy based on what is in my pantry at the time. I gather my coupons based on the items (which will save me even more money than what is totaled at the bottom of my shopping list), and I head to Kroger.

E-Mealz super-easy website is designed for the busy mom, and designed to please even the biggest cheapskate’s budget. There are coupon tips and even surprise freebie recipes on holidays.

Now you ask, “But what about the recipes, are they any good? What will they do to my waist line?” The recipes are all very delicious. Of course, they are all descretionary and it is up to you whether you cook them. I often have a meal or two that I didn’t cook during the week and I may carry those ingredients over into the next week. I keep a notebook with all the recipes printed out so that I may skim through them if I don’t care for a particular recipe.

I am always watching my waistline and so I opt to buy the more healthy of the varieties if given a chance. Many times, the same item is for sale for the same price with lower fat or sugar or salt.  There are also diet plan options available at E-Mealz for such the person, but I haven’t tried those receipes so I can’t comment on them.

Next you ask, “Is it worth the money just to pay for supper when you still have to buy breakfast and lunch items?” To that I say  yes! The one meal a day when everyone is home is dinner. It is the biggest meal and the most expensive. It makes your grocery bill low enough that you can still afford to buy eggs, lunchmeats, milk, etc., and often the grocery list includes many of these items that can also be used for breakfast and lunch. Also, the portions are big enough that you can have left-overs for lunch the next day.

At no more than $5 a month, saving you hundreds of dollars on your already growing grocery bill, with delicious and nutritious recipes, why would you not try it out for three months? If you have not saved at least $100 at the end of a month, I will be surprised!



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