Congratulations: You’re getting cotton balls for Christmas

 I planned on beginning my Christmas savings when I started YNAB so that it did not sneak up on me yet again this year. Since I just came to the glorious world of rainy day saving, I would have to put $83 a month into that category, well I can’t spare that! But I discovered something totally awesome at Winn Dixie, free stuff! Every week, WD has two deals, buy one or two somethings and get all this other stuff free. It usually costs me about $15 a week because I get the toiletry deals. This month I have spent approximately $30 and I have gotten probably $100 worth of items free! I plan on saving all of those items and making gift baskets with those free items for family and friends for Christmas, and because I am using my grocery store budget to pay for the items, I can take that $83 I planned on putting my my Christmas category and put it toward something I really need, which is some fresh paint in my new home! So if you know me, you now know what you are getting for Christmas! Expect things like cotton balls, hair spray, laundry detergent, soap and razors. These are things we use every day and something you never think about as gifts, but if got two months of laundry detergent for Christmas, I would be so happy! Grant that my son will not be very thrilled with Ajax, I will still put about $10 a month in that category for a little something special, (but he will still have one heck of a stocking!) So merry Christmas from me and Winn Dixie!


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