10 Frugal Tips: How to be Ridiculously Cheap

Don’t Order Cheese This has to be my most ridiculous yet.


Do you have hard water stains? A .25 cents pack of lemonade kool-aid will do the trick. Pour a pack of kool-aid in an empty dishwasher and watch those hard water stains disappear. You can also use Tang, but kool-aid is cheaper. Also you can take this same pack, make a paste and scrub your bathtub clean!

Use Your Used Dryer Sheets to scrub your tub. The fabric softener helps take away soap scum. Cut the sheets in half before you use them, your clothes are just as soft and you go twice as long in between purchases.

Don’t Order Cheese This has to be my most ridiculous yet. Cheese at a fast food restaraunt is at least .40 extra. Skip the cheese, justify this frugality by saying you’re saving the calories. Just think if you ate at a fast food restaraunt every day and saved on the cheese, you’d save $12 a month! That’s $144 a year!

Use Baby Oil Instead of hot oil treatments. Put your oil bottle in a cup or bowl of hot water for a few minutes. 2 teaspoons of this works just as good as an expensive hot oil treatment.

Detoxing? Forget those expensive foot pads that are completely disgusting. Put 1/4 c of apple cider vinegar in your bathtub water. It draws all the toxins out of your skin. Just a fair warning, detoxing can give you the chills and this should be done on a weekend because the vinegar , well it smells like vinegar!

Want a Day at the Spa? Fill a tub full of water, 1 can evaporated milk, 2 capfuls of vanilla. Now take a bowl and add 2 Tablespoons of cocoa and 2 Tablespoons of Honey. Put in the microwave for about 20 seconds. Caution this will be hot, test it before you put it on your skin, you can get seriously burned. Mix the cocoa and honey until it incorporates, it may take a while, brush it on your face, neck, and chest and get in the tub. It is like a soft mud mask and a milk bath at once, it is wonderful and all the ingredients are in your cabinet already! Now, Use your dryer sheets and the vinegar you already have by your tub for detoxing to clean up all the chocolate!

Ever Notice how much gas is left in the hose when you stop pumping? Once you stop pumping, be sure you lift the hose and let it all drain into the tank. Sure its menial; but afterall, you’ve paid for it, and you get the extra from the person before!

Buy a picnick basket Keep a picnick basket in your car full of snacks and If you plan ahead, pack a cooler full of cool drinks. Gas station visits for a family of four can run up to twelve and fifteen dollars a pop. You can save hundreds a year.

Make your own iced latte. Sometimes in the afternoon, I need a pick me up but I’m not in the mood for hot coffee. I take the left over coffee from that morning, add evaporated milk, ice, and one splenda and I’m in starbucks city, and it cost me fractions of what I would spend otherwise.

My Last Tip for being cheap is pay with cash.  You will spend less because you can visualize just how much you have left. This is one of the cheapest and most important tips I know.

Save Money: Don’t Be a Victim


Just this month alone, the county I work for has had 107 vehicle break-ins. Here are a few tips on how to avoid being a victim.
1. LOCK YOUR CAR -many times simply locking your car will deter a criminal
2. PARK UNDER A LIGHT OR IN A GARAGE -thieves don’t want to be where people can see them committing the crime, parking in a well lit area may help the criminal move on to someone else.
3. ALARM SYSTEMS -a simple alarm system installed can help, that little blinking light is like a force field.
4. DO NOT LEAVE PERSONAL BELONGINGS IN YOUR CAR – many people are victims to their own comfort level. When a thief sees a purse in the floorboard or a wallet in the door, you are assuring you will be a victim. THIS INCLUDES LOCKING IT IN THE TRUNK. If a thief gets in your car, they will surely go through the trunk as well.
5. DO NOT LEAVE CASH OR CREDIT CARDS IN YOUR GLOVE BOX. If a thief gets in, they will check this and the center console for just these type of things. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR GUNS TOO. Many people keep a pistol in their vehicle, if you don’t take it inside with you, it will be gone too. FACE PLATES ON RADIOS ARE PRIME. If you have a removable face plate, take it with you.
These will not assure you will not be a victim, but it will assure that you will surely be able to get your life back together without further crimes happening to you, such as identity theft or credit card fraud.

Wake Up and Smell the Green

In the time of our parents, credit became a way of life. Now this generation, we are so much in debt that we cant claw our way out.

Being blinded by money schemes no more. When you become awakened to the world of marketing and banking, you notice the hypocrisy of it all. Rejecting the idea of credit is the start. Once you have determined to live a life without credit you notice a few things about marketing for credit. You see commercials that show fathers dancing with daughters at her dream wedding in Hawaii, or kids graduating college while giving them keys to a brand new vehicle, picking up baby items with pregnant mom and flashing your credit card. You see people buying “green” friendly products at a time when gas is at an all time high and credit cards marketing with cents off gas incentives, while all the while charging you 29.99% interest. Playing to your wants, instead of your needs. When you consider the average American owns at least two credit cards, carry a maxed out or almost maxed out balance, paying only minimums and being charged more for finance charges than their actual minimum payment, we should all think twice about charging up our next television set. By the time you’ve paid for your $4200 dollar flat screen television plus interest over the average two years of aggressive payments (seven years of minimum payments) it will take you to pay the television off, you’ve paid twice that amount and it is time for a new television set. Really be careful too, when paying just minimums. When your finance charge is more than your minimum payment, your balance can go up instead of down. Many American’s credit payments (including loans, vehicles, student loans, lines of credit, and credit cards) is as much as their entire mortgage put together.
In the time of our great grandparents, it was looked down upon to borrow money. In the time of our grandparents, it was only OK to borrow money for major things, like a home. In the time of our parents, credit became a way of life. Now this generation, we are so much in debt that we cant claw our way out. Wake up to the hypocracy of it all. We get excited that they “accept” us as customers, when we are paying them thousands upon thousands to loan us hundreds. Save up your money and pay yourself the interest. Move forward from the credit vortex.

Spend What You Make

Here is a money tip, spend only what you make. If you only spend the money you have and no extra, you will not have a debt crisis. For many “keeping up with the Jones'” is a real problem. By the time you accrue all the toys that they have, you can’t pay your light bill. Remember, living like no one else now so you can live like no one else later is the best route you can go. If you can wait until you can afford to pay for a Lexus with cash, you are much better off than if you must sell your first born for it. If you are in a debt crisis, you may consider selling that Lexus and driving a used Kia you paid cash for. An extra $400 dollars a month (moderate average on car payment) for five years will buy you a $24,000 cash car, put that into a 12% mutual fund for five years, you are looking at 34,000 and some change. I think you could afford that Lexus then. By the time you have $34,000 dollars cash, that Kia may look pretty good!

Tax Tips

I was even shocked when I read bandaids were deductible!

Tax Tip : Write everything down  Save every receipt. When you begin to keep an accountability log, you know where your money goes and you know if you can deduct your expenses.  Keep a log in a journal notebook. Write down every doctors bill, mileage to go see your doctor, prescriptions, charitable givings (including items donated), items not reimbursed for your work, mileage traveled for work not reimbursed (except your normal daily drive), cell phone bills and home telephone bills if required for work and not reimbursed, (basically anything required that they dont pay you for), tax preparation and books about taxes, health insurance premiums, and day care expenses.  I was even shocked when I readbandaids were deductible! Also, don’t forget to keep your receipts. If you don’t have proof of the purchase, you can’t deduct it.