Save Big and Still Vacation

If you save on these things, you may have enough left over for another vacation!


lcanoeWe all need to get away sometimes from the dreary every day and one way to do that is in one word, “Vacation.” The problem with vacations is they are expensive and we usually have to save for long periods of time before we go. Here are some ideas of how to go on vacation and still enjoy yourself.

1. Search for Travel Packages closer to home. If you plan on vacationing no more than two hours away from home, you can save an easy $200.00 in travel expenses just in gas alone. There are many smaller places with wonderful activities and amenities all over if you know what to look for.  Try a state park or maybe a campground nearby.  Be adventurous. Go gold prospecting or search through caverns, try white water rafting or canoeing.  Nothing like that nearby? Just find an inexpensive hotel, even in your own city and spend a weekend lounging by the pool.  

2. Invite some friends. It is always less expensive if you travel with someone who can help split the cost of gas or accommodations.  A group of four to six people makes for a great time and usually you can find a suite or a cabin to fit everyone for no more than you would spend otherwise.

3. Pack some groceries. If you pack enough to snack on the road and maybe some sandwiches and chips you will save enough for that big fancy restaurant or maybe that big impulse buy you normally would avoid.  There is no rule that says you have to eat out every meal. Also, nothing says you have to pack unhealthy foods. Fruit and granola, trail mix or jerky are tasty and healthy treats.  If that’s not your kind of thing, your on vacation, eat what you want, just take it with you!

4. Plan on spending some time in your room.  Even if you go to the nicest hotel in the most expensive city, one night in with a board game or a remote control can save you an easy $100 dollars. It gives you time to relax and recuperate or reconnect with your travel partners and when you get home you don’t feel like you need a vacation from your vacation.

5. Advanced payments. Many tourist destinations now will allow you to make advanced payments on your vacation. This way you can still go to your favorite vacation spot without being strapped when you get there because you just shelled out a thousand dollars on a room or your flight.

6. All Inclusive Vacations. This is a wonderful option.  Use to the only all inclusive vacations were cruise ships. No more! Contact your local travel agent or search all inclusive.  You can go to exotic resorts, theme parks, and many other places.  Your food and drinks, room and travel is all paid for; you can even include tips in with the packages. All you have to do is relax!

7. Plan on going during the week.If you can, plan your vacations from Monday through Thursday.  You can get discounted room rates, tickets, and dinner specials all for being at a location during an off time and be sure to ask for discounted rates, these aren’t always advertised but they are honored.

8. Go off season.  The same concept applies for going to a place during the off season. True, some places may be closed during the winter that are open during the summer, but the prices are lower, it is less crowded, and the locals are much more friendly because they are not as stressed out from the busy hubub.

9. Go where the locals go. A great idea when you travel is to ask the locals where they eat or where they shop.  The food is always much more reasonably priced and many times a better quality.  Try a local art museum or library who will many times have entertaining exhibits on hand.  You may also want to check out local theatre spots or even good fishing spots.

10. Spend part of your vacation at home. People sometimes forget that just a little bit of time at home on the grill or under the covers with a good movie is a great way to unwind from the everyday.  Plan at least a day at home during your vacation to just relax and unwind.

These are all ways you can unwind without unwinding your wallet. When you come home, you may be surprised. If you save on these things, you may have enough left over for another vacation!