Thinking About Investing: Investopedia

Thinking about investing in the stock market but just don’t know enough about it? Investopedia is for you.  Investopedia is a free stock simulator that helps you learn how to invest without losing hard earned money. 

There are many wonderful tools on Investopedia.  Of course there is the stock simulator; but more than that, there are articles and tutorials for investing, finances, retirement, economy recovery, and many more needed financial links.  There are links to different investing firms and advice on which is the best one for you.  There is a financial dictionary on the site for all of your financial queries as well as a way to contact the site for advice.  There is also a section for assisting you in exam preparations for different financial certifications in your professional financial career.  Need to find articles on coupons? Investopedia has articles and tutorials on personal finances and budgeting equal to the best frugal bloggers on- line.  Need to know what a mutual fund is? The dictionary on this site helps you understand all of the financial lingo and it is put into very understandable terms.  It is all there on Investopedia.

About two years ago, I found this site when I decided on investing in the market.  I was on a very fixed income but was looking for a way to better my finances.  I found this site and began trading on the simulator.  I chose the first timers game and only invested in what I could afford in reality.  I learned about the markets and  read the stock tips and tricks.  Investopedia has an option where you can look at charts of a company’s growth up to a five year period and I chose stocks based on my research. I watched what stocks others traded and got advice from top investors. After investing a simulated $6,000 dollars over a long period of time, I had a diverse portfolio that has  stayed afloat during these rough financial times.  Not all of my stocks did well, but I didn’t worry because it was a simulation.  I had not lost any money.  I watched the stocks that did well  in this financial crisis and knew those would be the stocks I would invest real money in. 

Investopedia is a tool that I recommend to the novice investor and to the more experienced.  The research this site has done is helpful and really gives you the leg up on understanding your financial options.   Investopedia helps the reader understand that diverse monetizing of  income is the key to getting through this recession and freely gives the tools to aid in this agenda.