Don’t Be a Victim: Tips on Car Burglaries



burglarJust this month alone, the county I live in has had 107 vehicle break-ins. Here are a few tips on how to avoid being a victim.
1. LOCK YOUR CAR -many times simply locking your car will deter a criminal

2. PARK UNDER A LIGHT OR IN A GARAGE -thieves don’t want to be where people can see them committing the crime, parking in a well lit area may help the criminal move on to someone else.

3. ALARM SYSTEMS -a simple alarm system installed can help, that little blinking light is like a force field.

4. DO NOT LEAVE PERSONAL BELONGINGS IN YOUR CAR – many people are victims to their own comfort level. When a thief sees a purse in the floorboard or a wallet in the door, you are assuring you will be a victim. THIS INCLUDES LOCKING IT IN THE TRUNK. If a thief gets in your car, they will surely go through the trunk as well.

5. DO NOT CARRY YOUR SOCIAL OR BIRTH CERTIFICATE IN YOUR CAR OR WALLET. This is the number one way to ensure you will be a victim of identity theft. Lock these up in a safe at home or in a bank.

6. DO NOT LEAVE CASH OR CREDIT CARDS IN YOUR GLOVE BOX. If a thief gets in, they will check this and the center console for just these type of things.

7.THEY WILL TAKE YOUR GUNS TOO. Many people keep a pistol in their vehicle, if you dont take it inside with you.

8.  FACE PLATES ON RADIOS ARE A DETERRANT. If you have a removable face plate, take it with you.

9. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR GPS IN THE CAR. This has become one of the number one items taken from a car.
These will not assure you will not be a victim, but it will assure that you will surely be able to get your life back together without further crimes happening to you, such as identity theft, credit card fraud, or be responsible for someone getting hurt with your weapon.